Jorge Flores

Jorge values hearing our clients’ unique stories and ambitions, finding joy in being a part of their financial confidence and dreams for the future. His approach is deeply personalized, helping everyone feel heard and supported on their path to retirement.

A financial professional who can offer insurance products and services, Jorge entered the industry after witnessing a profound need for reliable retirement education. Before joining Ensign Wealth Management, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Arizona and spent time at Citibank as a mortgage private banking specialist. Jorge is committed to providing excellent customer service, being a reliable resource and building relationships with our clients.

Residing in Tucson, Arizona, with his spouse and three children, Jorge is deeply embedded in family life. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with them, including crafting with his kids, taking them to soccer practice or swimming lessons, and exploring food trucks in search of new culinary delights.

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