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When you have financial concerns
we want to help you address them

Ensign Wealth Management works with friends and neighbors throughout the East Valley Phoenix area to help them work toward their financial goals through the use of insurance and investment products.



Retire N.O.W.
(Not when Others Would)

A Comprehensive Guide to Retiring on Your Schedule

Yes, you can — and Chad Ensign explains how in “Retire N.O.W. (Not when Others Would).” In his book, Chad shows you why retirement is more than just a money game and details ways to:

  • Ready yourself as retirement approaches
  • Be confident you will achieve the life you always envisioned
  • Plan for retirement the right way and put your plan in action

Helping you meet your financial needs
is our first priority.

It's our responsibility to evaluate and assess your financial situation. As an independent financial firm, our team is positioned to help you reach your financial goals, and we do so with integrity and transparency. Our experienced professionals are not just knowledgeable about finances; we also understand the importance of priorities, family and confidence in your financial future.

Insurance products are offered through the insurance business Ensign Wealth Management. Ensign Wealth Management is an Investment Advisory practice that offers products and services through AE Wealth Management, LLC (AEWM), a Registered Investment Adviser. AEWM does not offer insurance products. The insurance products offered by Ensign Wealth Management are not subject to Investment Advisor requirements. Neither the firm nor its agents or representatives may give tax or legal advice. Individuals should consult with a qualified professional for guidance before making any purchasing decisions. Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal. Ensign Wealth Management is not affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or any governmental agency.



Are you prepared for the next phase of retirement?

To confidently rappel down the retirement summit, you need gear and a guide, but what else? Download this 12-page guide to discover:

  • What four retirement-related questions you should answer today
  • Why putting your finances to use during retirement requires a strategy
  • Where to turn for financial guidance

Meet The Team

Our team is focused on helping clients work toward their retirement dreams through a well-thought-out-strategy for retirement income. Chad Ensign founded his independent company to better serve clients by providing a wide range of products.


Chad Ensign
Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), Investment Adviser Representative