Bailey Ensign

The first smile you will see at Ensign Wealth Management! Bailey has many daily roles in the operation of our company, and greeting our guests and clients is a top priority. You will likely see her first when you visit, as she works to make all guests feel comfortable and ready to talk about retirement. She also assists our entire advisor team with day-to-day operations, staff meetings and team business functions to ensure a smooth day every day at our office. This allows our advisors to focus on the most important part of our company, the clients.

Bailey graduated from the University of Mississippi with three degrees, studying banking finance, real estate finance and managerial finance. She also has career experience in payroll and accounts receivable.

Bailey lives in Mesa, Arizona, with her husband, Chad, and her two children, and she’s been blessed with four bonus children coming into her family life. When Chad and Bailey are not at the office, it’s all about the family heading outdoors to hike and travel. They also enjoy delicious food and seek it out across Arizona — so give her your best restaurant recommendations the next time you’re in the office!

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